Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Grenadier Battalion Kirchebetter

These two are the other minis that I finished last weekend. Fancied a bit of a change from the Prussian blue, what's better than Austrian white! Painted as grenadiers from Infantry Regiment 37. They have red bags on the cap, leaning towards an earlier formation (maybe around the time of Asspern-Essling) rather than later when yellow became the order of the day. There will be eight of these fellows in the battalion, along with 16 others from two other regiments. (note: Austrian grenadiers were 'pooled' together into battalions from three regiments, and operated independently of their parent formations, so that's why there's only 8 of each in my battalion).

Monday, 24 November 2008

Prussian Landwehr (7)

And while i'm at it, here's the latest WIP shot of the Westphalian Landwehr. Completed another one on Saturday. These guys are starting to come together now, I need to finish 4 more and i'll be halfway through the battalion...

Side note. Just got home to find a little package waiting for me from the postie. A Nap Prussian artillery piece and crew I won last week. Overjoyed, then I opened the jiffy and the axle of the gun has broken (grrr). It was well packed and i'm not having a go at the seller. It looks like someone has stood on the package, the shits! Anyway, i've fixed it now with some tender loving care, and its sitting here waiting in line to be painted now.

Weekend Warriors

Finished 3, yes three miniatures at the weekend - and West Ham finally won a game! Am very happy with myself. Also well on the way with 2 more minis (posted here, Berg infantryman on the left, landwehr officer on the right). Am pleased with the way this Berg musketeer is coming along, he's the test piece for the battalion and I must say i'm happy with the colours. Some of the chaps will have white trousers. I may have a go at converting some of the coats into the French style and some of the shakos into the Berg style without oilskin covers.

Friday, 21 November 2008

We Were Only Making Plans for Ziethen..

Hoping to get some painting in tomorrow, haven't done much of it in the last three weeks. Have had time to 'visualise' the strength and formations of my Prussian Napoleonic Brigade though. If they all ever get finished, i'll probably flesh the formation out, adding second battalions etc. I'd like to start painting the Berg regiment but I need to be focused and stick to the landwehr until they're done.

Monday, 17 November 2008

OSL Skel

Haven't posted much for a week or so, and not much activity gone on to be honest (due to work etc). So here's something i've been dabbling at for a little while.

I think I mentioned experimenting with the technique known as Other Source Lighting – where the lighting source comes from well, another place other than natural light – a while back. I'd been wanting to paint this fellow for ages, and I thought that the pose of the figure would lend itself to OSL quite well. So I lit the skull 'candle style' and tried to envisage where the light would fall and in what strength, and what colours the light would fade to. The figure isn't finished yet, but i'm quite pleased with the experiment. The photo was originally taken with a light background, would probably be best to set up the photo with a darker background when he is complete.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


No harm in posting him up here now, as this little guy is currently getting whipped in the first knockout stage of the Steve Dean painting competition, somewhat ironically, by a handful of other Germans from the eastern front. Personally, I think he's being a bit hard done by but I guess i'm being a bit biased!

He was an experiment for the Italian camo trousers really. I was really happy with the flesh tones and overall paintjob. Still, we'll have another go next time, if anything gets finished up this month.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Figometer Update (October 2008)

Managed 4 completed miniatures throughout October, which isn't bad at all considering i've been away on holiday, been to a weekend wedding, a weekend birthday away and am preparing to look after our first baby next year too!

Several more minis have been started or worked on to various stages of completion too. really got on with the Prussian Landwehr, but you can see that from recent posts. looking forward to getting hold of the Perry Bros French plastic Napoleonics, hopefully i'll be getting them at Christmas if i've been good.

Had a couple of nasty colds recently, where the cold has moved to my chest and caused me considerable discomfort. Is this an old age thing, harder to shrug off ailments? One good thing about the colder weather though, paints on the palette dont dry up for ages, blend ahoy!