Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lead mountain update (2) ...and some undead samurai that have risen from the er, dead

Mission accomplished for the month of May.

Figometer is upto 4 for the month of May, i'm safe in the commitment stakes - Varnished a Dutch militia officer, he's technically finished but he still needs matt varnishing, no pic at moment but he's all but done, honest. Will probably have a picture by Saturday.

So following on the recent undead theme.. these aren't exactly fresh paintjobs but here's something completely different. Classic Citadel undead samurai, named Bek and Gi originally. A great range of figures long out of production. Tested my Vallejo reds on 'Gi' and I liked the outcome. Vallejo Scarlet is a really good red, nice and vibrant. Why should undead figures always be dressed in dirty old tatters!!

I've bought a few of the Coat D Arms paints, my old Citadel colour Bleached Bone is sadly no more and in my quest to get the right replacement colour i've gone for these as i'm told Coat D Arms are the original Citadel colours rebranded. Think the postie has them for me today so i'll be testing them very soon on my pile of lead bones.

Friday, 25 May 2007

They paint horses don't they?

Well, managed to touch up a couple of old Citadel undead cavalry while K was out the other night. They need a rebase too. Makes a change from the Naps fix i've had recently. That'll be it for a while, am off away to visit my brother in Plymouth for the bank holiday. Am happy that i've received the Austrian hussars I won on ebay, now just got to paint them. Got them fairly cheap for once, but think they'll be staying in the bag for just a little while.

On a non mini note - Spent a fortune at Gordon Ramsays restaurant last night. Its not a habit of mine, blow outs at expensive eateries, and I probably wont ever spend that much on a meal again, but I have to say the food and service was amazing. No doubt hobby funding will be affected for some time to come...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lead mountain update (1)

A Figometer update on the reduction of the lead mountain. Well, almost the end of May and only 3 miniatures painted. There has been some undercoating and some basing activity but I know that's a secondary affair...

Oh and I've bought 7 more miniatures off ebay, which means the lead mountain is in fact back into the red at -4. Arrgh. The struggle continues

Had a bad back from sitting in the car for 4 and a half hours on Sunday, but I wasn't driving it I hasten to add (K was). She's out tonight and the back feels good enough, so its maybe a good time to tackle some bits in the loft tonight.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Another Year Older...

It was my Birthday yesterday, and to mark the occasion, here's a pic of a French carabinier that I painted quite a long time ago, and recently got round to photographing. K and I spent the weekend up at my folks house in Doncaster. Managed to get to see my Nan who is ill in hospital, she's quite tired and weak but recovering slowly I think. Fitted in the FA Cup final too, and a few pints. Received alot of fine gifts from my beloved (including a very nice engraved flask and some fine cigars for when we get married) and some cash from various others. Hmmm, what to spend it on... (Lead perhaps!) - a busy weekend but a good one ;-)

Friday, 18 May 2007


Haven't picked up a brush since last Sunday. Sat and stared at the small pile of lead on my painting table midweek, then hurried away and watched Property Ladder. Away at the weekend too so it'll be nada for a few more days..

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Olive Drab

Something a little different. My first US WWII, tested out my olive drab combinations on these two guys. Plenty of Vallejo colours. Wanted to get a grimy worn look. I was pleased with the way they came out. The figures are by Bolt Action and a joy to paint, i'll try and finish the squad one day!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Figurine Non Dipinti...

The Figometer TM will look something like this...

In my efforts to paint consistently, i've devised the Figometer TM and set myself the goal of trying to paint at least one mini a week. Not too hard huh. Well, we'll see. The Figometer will never lie, ever. Each months tally will be presented on the Figometer TM, and if the score ever gets below 4...

Monday, 14 May 2007


Austrian German grenadiers, just about ready for varnishing and the completing of the bases. Only 10 though, still plenty to go to finish the unit...

Colours: Foundry Arctic Grey A, then B through to white for the uniform colour. I quite like leaving some of the black undercoat deep in the folds of the clothing, I like the definition it gives against the white. Some might say its too harsh but I like it. Base colour will be GW Scortched Brown then Foundry Base Sand B to A, then its time to break out the static grass.

*Updated the pic now (August 7th!), bases are now finished, maybe a few tweaks with the black lining then a coat of varnish.

First Pic

Have been working on an Austrian Napoleonic army for more years than I can remember, but in a recent spurt of activity have managed to paint 4 minis for it in the last week (this is a good output for me!). one of which is this Hungarian grenadier officer. Still plenty of unpainted metal to go though, and thinking of purchasing the cavalry element for my army very soon... just to add to the lead mountain!

The grey oberrock makes a pleasant change to the usual Austrian white uniform. This mini is a Foundry sculpt, and was painted with the Foundry paint system, Vallejo colour and some Citadel colour. I used Citadel colours for years and recently 'changed' to the Foundry paints and have found them very good. I'll probably post the colour combinations I use at some point.

They Live...

So here we are, my blog is born. Am aiming to post up stuff i'm painting, so as to have some record of whats produced from all that time I spend hunkered down over my little Ikea desk in my loft. This stuff is probably not of much interest to most viewers, and probably seems sad to some, but it keeps me off the street and is a relaxing outlet which takes me many miles away from everyday stresses of 'normal life'.

I started painting white metal miniatures around 1984, but the modelling ‘thing’ goes back further to the good old airfix plastics, to a time when my dad used to put my kits together and paint my soldiers all sorts of weird and wonderful colours. I'll be posting up some pics soon. (This is weird, like i'm talking to myself, which I am?!).

I often wonder if i'll get back problems from insane postures whilst painting, and RSI in later life from gripping small paintbrushes. There's only one way to find out..

Lets get to it.