Figometer Annual Tally Report

Here is the sorry looking 'total figures painted chart' for the last year, 19. It's better than the last year's review but still a poor show.

The move is over and we are settling in to a new house. The move kind of spoiled Easter and Isla's 2nd birthday as we couldn't relax and enjoy stuff, and it was made more of a stressful week by both my little daughters being ill, one with chicken pox and one with a vomiting virus!

But, now the dust is settling, I actually painted something over the bank holiday weekend - I almost finished two (Prussian Nap) figures, and after three months without picking up a brush, I was glad to get the 'feel' of it all back. I will be redoubling my efforts this year and really attempt to finish some units. Itching to start the new Perry Prussian plastics I picked up at Salute 2011, but determined to finish my 2 metal battalions of Foundry figures first.


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