I have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award by Matt whose great little blog Waterloo to Mons I often have a gander at. A peer to peer award, i've noticed the SBA has been popping up over the last few weeks on some of my favourite blogs, and it has arrived at my humble little home of lead.

The award has a few little rules. Thank and link to the person giving you the award; Share 7 things about yourself and Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve the award as well.

So, thanks to Matt for nominating me, it's really nice to know that people are interested in my 'stuff'. There are lots of blogs about our hobby and it's nice to feel part of a friendly, supportive and informative band.

Se7en things it was impossible to know about me in here:

1. I'm married to Katherine, who is Scottish and lovely, and she's a doctor which is great and would have helped with point 2. below, if i'd met her at the age of 10, which I didn't

2. I once bled profusely in a Italian supermarket when a toothpick flipped up on my flip flop and stuck deep into my foot.

3. As someone has stated on my blog, and I have to agree, my two little girls Isla and Ava are by far the best mini's i've created.

4. A long time ago, I scored a brilliant left foot drive in the dying seconds (from a long way out, according to witnesses) to rescue a cup tie when at school. Sadly, we lost the return leg, badly. Memories fade and get misty, but I still rememebr the team all jumping on me in a bundle and treating me like a hero for a bit.

5. I have been published in this particular hobby, (said without arrogance, just proud to have been asked to contribute a chapter in a book).

6. I love beards, I've had a beard for years now, (I keep it in fairly good order, it's not like an old victorian or something like that) and am scared of what would happen if I shaved it off.

7. I am trapped in the eighties musically. Though this isn't a bad thing to me.

Here are my nominations, and in no real order, though some are probably award holders already, and they are all very very good blogs (click on the link to see 'em.

Kings Minis
Take the high ground
Vintage wargaming
Grand Duchy of Stollen
Tarleton's Quarter
Russ Nicholson's Blog
Carmen's Fun Painty Time!
Saxon Dog
Iron Mitten


Matt said…
Nothing wrong with being trapped in 80's music!

Well deserved.
airhead said…
Hi Dinium, thanks for the SBA nomination, much appreciated. keep up the good work.

As for the 80's music, strange how some of it has date and other stuff not at all. Listening to an Echo & the bunnymen CD recently. It sounded quite current!!! strange...

All the best