46 Recce Bren Carrier photo update

I've been lucky enough to access some fairly detailed unit history for 46 Recce on the WWIItalk forum. According to an extract from the Reconnaisance Journal (the Corps' own journal), the regiment concentrated near Udine in northern Italy after the German collapse in 1945. they were ordered into Austria to link up with the Russians and it appears they entered Judenburg in Styria. There is even reference to the units' White scout cars making it over the mountain passes, despite being obsolete (this corresponds nicely with the White scout car in the background in my grandad's pic). Apparently, there was much drinking with the Russians - of Schnapps mixed with Petrol - and plenty of hangovers!

So there we have it, the pic is almost certainly taken in Austria.

Here are the Divisional vehicle markings for 46 recce. The reconnaissance sign is on the left, and 46th Division emblem is on the right. These can be seen on front wings of the bren carrier in the picture (earlier post). Grandad's carrier also has a spare stowage box bolted along the front, and on top of this appears to be a pyrene fire extinguisher. A little converting is needed when I come to model the carrier.


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