(WIP) September. Prussian 3rd Foot Guards

Well, here is the result of a few hours painting. The old Foundry Franco-Prussian War range are easier Perry sculpts than the delicate works of art the brothers' produce now, so these were a wise choice for me to ease back into painting. Hadn't picked up a brush for a year and have been pleased with my results. Some of my paints have gone a little bit glutinous but that is easily fixed.
10 more of these chaps to go and then a complete battalion...


They look absolutely terrific. Beautiful painting, really wonderful. But best of all, it's great to see you painting and blogging again. Welcome back!!
Dinium said…
Hi Sidney, thanks for your comment. It's been quite therapeutic, starting painting again, I have to say, and my fears of being rusty were fairly unfounded.

I'm looking at eventually building a new wargames table and I found your posts on your blog about terrain (esp. the towel grass method) very interesting, the results look really very good. I wonder would the towel method work well if the terrain was mainly grass - fields with the odd stream, ravine and hill etc (ie FPW terrain)?
Hi there, Dinium - I don't see why the towelling method wouldn't work perfectly for the FPW and in an environment which wasn't shell-pocked or battle-scarred. Dave Andrews, of Games Workshop and Great War Miniatures, has done some brilliant towelling terrain in pastoral, grassy environments. He did the terrain in the Warhammer Historical Great War book (of which about half the photos are in 1914 and are very open countryside) and the terrain (I think) in the early GW Lord of the Rings books (the first, with the 'Flight to the Ford' table has lots of grass, fields and water effects and is truly stunning). His towelling for grass looked very fine in those photos, in particular where the ground undulates slightly. Good luck if you give the terrain making a go - I'd love to see what you make of it!