Slotta Skeleton with Spear

A miniature from my favourite Citadel range ever, an old skeleton rises from the grave (in glorious gloss varnish, 'cos I haven't got round to matting him yet). Went back to my old recipe for the bones, but as GWs Bleached Bone has changed over the years i've had to modify. Base coat for the bones is now Foundry Boneyard B mixed with (old) GW Swamp Brown - a match for this would possibly be Foundry Spearshaft A- then added more Boneyard B to lighten, finally adding some white for the most raised parts.

I just looked at the last post again. I thought those two goblins were complete, but I see the scabbard is a bit damaged at the end on one and i've totally missed painting the bangles on the musician. Ha ha, paint blindness!

I've added a few new links to the blog. King's Minis is a great blog about old school Citadel stuff, by Dave King, who is a pretty damn good painter too. Lots of eye candy in there and some tutorials on his painting style too.

Also, probably my favourite pen and ink illustrator Russ Nicholson now has a blog. He is one of the artists whose illustrations inspired me on my creative career path. Most people would remember his work from the early Fighting Fantasy books. I spent a long time in my earlier years at college trying to emulate his style with my Rotring pen. I never tire of looking over his detailed creations, if you get some time go and have a look.

We're still waiting for daughter number two to arrive, she is now 4 days overdue..


airhead said…
Hi Dinium, good luck with the new arrival, typical female keeping you on tender hooks. Some great pen & ink stuff on Russ Nicholson's blog.

All the best for 2011

Dinium said…
Ha ha, thanks Airhead. I know, waiting for women is part and parcel of life for blokes isn't it, and i'm soon to be surrounded by 'em!