Slotta Goblins

Here's some pics of the two Goblins from the 'Golden Age' of GW that I recently finished. I think I originally painted the flesh on these greenskins back in the early 90's. (Who said I was slow with a brush!). They we're fun to finish, and a pleasant change from all that Napoleonic bumf. Lots of little sculpting detail on these beauties, gemstones, tiny skulls etc. I aimed for a homage to old John Blanche with the shield on the menacing sword-pulling figure. The other figure is the musician from the Goblin Command blisters, circa 1987.


Eric Tighe said…
Love these, well done. I think I have the Musician and Maybe the fighter but I think it was more rare. Now a 20 year hiatus from painting I've broken out all my Orcs and Goblins to paint them.