U in orde Johan?

This chap is almost finished, just the british made water bottle to complete + musket lock and he's done. I like this pose, he's reaching down to turn over a casualty. There is only the light company of 4 figures to paint for the Dutch militia battalion now. I am off on holiday over the next week in Cornwall, so there won't be anything in the offing.

I'm really itching to base up these guys (4 to a base) but I have told myself I can't base them until all 24 figures are completed. there are a lot of corks with minis precariously mounted on them upon the painting table!


Steve said…
looking good, cant wait to see them based up!
He's looking great so far!

Doc Phobos said…
May I congratulate you on your blog, your painting skills and this miniature in particular. Glad I found this blog. Will be following closely. :)