Grahame White Collection Part 1

I had the pleasure of visiting the RAF Museum in Hendon, London, at the weekend. Took the wife and daughter along too, though little Isla was more interested in the fixtures and fittings than any of the aircraft on show! I took a few pics and this is the first installment of them. Situated in the original Grahame White Factory building is the collection of World War one aircraft. A real treat this, as they have a Sopwith Pup (my favourite WWI scout), and several other famous types on show.

Here are several pictures of the Se5a scout from the collection. The second pic along the top shows the Hucks Starter attached to the Se5a's engine, ready to start her up. Middle bottom pic is of the front of the Sopwith triplane. Isla has to be restrained in the bottom right pic - from nicking some parts in a side cupboard...


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