Late war German

A pic of the other figure I painted in May. This late war German has been primed on the desk for around a year and he's part of a set of 4 from Bolt Action Miniatures. Dug out the Vallejo Field Grey and completed him fairly quickly. He's a little thin compared to the usual 28mm figure but at this scale, maybe he's proportionally correct. Went for the basic rubble brick dust base, should've put in a couple of bricks, i'll do this with the next German I complete.


subedai said…
Just found your blog. Like the painting even though most of my stuff is 15mm. Trawling through I found a reference to the Hammers. Well done that man! Now there are two blogging Irons followers on the tinterweb. Also you paint Prussians What more can I say? PS. My stuff is on either for 15mm Sassanids and Byzantines or for the rest.