Figometer Update (May 2010)

Finished 2 miniatures in May, so I have started the painting year on a more positive note than of late. Hoping to get more than 12 figures completed this year!

Attention at the moment has swung to the WWII Germans that I have skulking around my lead pile. I'm concentrating on the 251 Stummel crew and a couple of infantrymen. I can't see how I can fit both the crew figures into my Bolt Action Stummel without cramming, so I might just stick the loader in and have the gun commander standing on a base looking wistful.


airhead said…
Love the Stummel, great painting, and thanks for the tip on painting the numbers. Doing some ww2 Russians at the moment, as a break from all the terrain stuff. Keep your eyes on the SD comp.

All the best

Dinium said…
Thanks for your comments Airhead. You'll need a steady hand doing 10mm numerals, but like anything i'd give it a go! I've seen that a suitably weathered KV-1 on some top terrain is progressing well through the painting comp. Looking good, and there are a lot of great entries in there. I might enter something again soon.