Numeral Nemesis

I did very well out of it, my Birthday last Thursday. A new miniatures storage case from Kaiser Rushforth, that Bolt Action German Schwimmwagen i've been hankering after for ages, some new tiny drills, and some dirty cash too.

I'm very impressed with the little Schwimmwagen kit, a resin body with seperate metal details. However, i've vowed that I can't start this until i've finished the 251 Stummel. This means I had to tackle the numerals on the side of the beast that i've been avoiding doing for a year. With no decals, I armed myself instead with a paper template printed from the computer. I cut it out with the trusty scalpel, lightly taped it to the Stummel sides and blocked in the numbers with an off white colour. Nowhere near as terrifying as hand painting them on I can assure you, I got the basic outline and got it fairly straight using this method. The thin red inside strokes needed a steady hand but the results are not bad at all I think. Now I only have to complete the two crew, an MG42 and add a bit of Siflor grass.

I'd like to recommend a company i've bought from recently who have an amazing processing and delivery time, in the two time i've ordered from them, my products (Plasticard, putty and CA glue) have arrived in 1 to 2 days. If you need some new materials for your next project, take a look at

The postage rate is very reasonable too.


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