French Sailor 1870

Finished this French seaman for my Franco-Prussian War collection. As the War entered the republican phase, and as most of the imperial army had been destroyed or trapped in Metz, the French Navy provided troops to fight in the field and to man the large artillery pieces, particularly during the siege of Paris. These sailors were of good quality compared to the various Garde Mobile and other second line troops made available. This is one of the Perry Twins' earlier sculpts, I doubt they would have sculpted the chassepot rifle this big if they we're producing this figure now. He's a bit satin at the moment, he will get a lick of matt varnish sometime soon. I've noticed I haven't painted the pommel on his sword bayonet, oops.


Giles said…
Lovely work. I've always liked the Perries' old FPW range - even though the poses for the minor German states are a bit limited and the infantry generally are a big "gnome-y".

Best wishes

Dinium said…
Know what you mean Giles. With the wurttemburgers limited to two rank and file poses, there's just enough scope to paint them as Jagers all firing and as line infantry all advancing! Still, I love the little chaps.