Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Flying Mobile

And another WIP. A prone garde mobile and his chassepot taking careful aim at some unfortunate, whilst stuck in the guts by a staple..

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More 3rd Foot Guards

A couple more WIPs. The litzen is not really correct, especially on the cuffs (brandenburg cuffs on these sculpts, whereas the Guard wore swedish cuffs) but do I really care that much at 25mm?! The crimson piping should only run down the left of the tunic, not both skirt fronts, and should you really attempt cockade colours on chin scale bosses at this size...

Friday, 21 September 2012

(WIP) September. Prussian 3rd Foot Guards

Well, here is the result of a few hours painting. The old Foundry Franco-Prussian War range are easier Perry sculpts than the delicate works of art the brothers' produce now, so these were a wise choice for me to ease back into painting. Hadn't picked up a brush for a year and have been pleased with my results. Some of my paints have gone a little bit glutinous but that is easily fixed.
10 more of these chaps to go and then a complete battalion...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Battle of ...

My parents are visiting and as their clear out of all my old junk from their house progresses,  my dad has dug out and brought an old oil I painted when I was a foundation art student way back in 1993. Its been a long time since I saw this 'early' work and it's a nice feeling looking over something distantly familiar with new eyes again. I think I was trying to depict some action at the battle of Bussaco, where the thin red line was strung out giving the French some lead, I can't remember the regiment I tried to paint in it (it's supposed to be the 88th Regt of foot).

I can see I was experimenting with oils at the time and I see I struggled with the depth and had a hang up about creases in cloth at the time. I was also trying to get my head around lighting and reflection (especially on skin). I think I have progressed as an artist from back then (though my paintings are few and far between now) but still I was pleasantly surprised to see this old work. Some bits are just plain odd, but as a whole its a part of my past and I kind of like it. Thought i'd post it here for your amusement.

I have been painting mini's this last week, and have almost three finished. The old trickle of figures continues. I will post the results very soon.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Time passes and...

Today, I dusted down the painting desk, shook the paint pots to stir what lies within (amazingly, it seems nothing's dried up), and I primed 4 figures.

Summer's over (it never started here), and I have got the paint itch back (I think).