Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Little Sis Big Sis

Painting ground to a halt on the Saturday afternoon of the 15th of January. Ava Margaret Ward was born at 10.26pm that evening after a relatively short labour. She weighed almost 9llbs and has a full head of black hair at the moment. Here's Isla chumming it up with new sister.

Mum and Daughter were home by the Sunday afternoon and all are doing well.

Isla has been great with little Ava, no signs of jealousy (though this may be because Ava got Isla some presents when she arrived, namely a little washing machine and a basket of play fruit n' veg to go with Isla'a play kitchen).

Going to Salute this year is hanging in the balance..

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Slotta Skeleton with Spear

A miniature from my favourite Citadel range ever, an old skeleton rises from the grave (in glorious gloss varnish, 'cos I haven't got round to matting him yet). Went back to my old recipe for the bones, but as GWs Bleached Bone has changed over the years i've had to modify. Base coat for the bones is now Foundry Boneyard B mixed with (old) GW Swamp Brown - a match for this would possibly be Foundry Spearshaft A- then added more Boneyard B to lighten, finally adding some white for the most raised parts.

I just looked at the last post again. I thought those two goblins were complete, but I see the scabbard is a bit damaged at the end on one and i've totally missed painting the bangles on the musician. Ha ha, paint blindness!

I've added a few new links to the blog. King's Minis is a great blog about old school Citadel stuff, by Dave King, who is a pretty damn good painter too. Lots of eye candy in there and some tutorials on his painting style too.

Also, probably my favourite pen and ink illustrator Russ Nicholson now has a blog. He is one of the artists whose illustrations inspired me on my creative career path. Most people would remember his work from the early Fighting Fantasy books. I spent a long time in my earlier years at college trying to emulate his style with my Rotring pen. I never tire of looking over his detailed creations, if you get some time go and have a look.

We're still waiting for daughter number two to arrive, she is now 4 days overdue..

Slotta Goblins

Here's some pics of the two Goblins from the 'Golden Age' of GW that I recently finished. I think I originally painted the flesh on these greenskins back in the early 90's. (Who said I was slow with a brush!). They we're fun to finish, and a pleasant change from all that Napoleonic bumf. Lots of little sculpting detail on these beauties, gemstones, tiny skulls etc. I aimed for a homage to old John Blanche with the shield on the menacing sword-pulling figure. The other figure is the musician from the Goblin Command blisters, circa 1987.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Figometer Update (December 2010)

Happy New Year to all, and thanks to everyone who follows and reads the blog. As ever I have lots of grand plans in my head for painting projects in 2011, and that's where most of them will stay i'm sure!

Looking back at 2010, I didn't get much painted again, but I did see some fruits of my labour in print in Kevin Dallimore's 2nd volume on painting miniatures (Foundry's Masterclass painting guide). I was pleased to be asked by the man to contribute to such a tome, and to see it all in print was a happy sight indeed.

Back to 2011, and in the short to medium term this is the plan:
1. Finish and re-base and varnishing of IR Nr66 - (Franco-Prussian War) 2. Complete painting of last few Napoleonic Dutch Militia, then base all 24 figures 3. Complete the Napoleonic Dutch artillery piece and crew, then base + varnish it.

I don't see much painting getting done over the next couple of months as the new baby is due any day now. Progress with the rebase of IR Nr66 is all but complete and my Dutch Militia battalion is 4 figures from the finish line. I purchased a Dremel over the Xmas period and am now thinking of ways i can use it. Probably drilling out arms for conversions is about it. I thought I could use it for getting rid of flash on models  but am unsure if this will work with mini's being so small.

New purchases this year will definitely be the new plastic Prussians from the Perry twins at some point, and probably their plastic Hussars too. I am hoping to get to Salute this year as it doesn't coincide with Isla's birthday, so I look forward to that.

So, to the recent painting. The Citadel old school Goblins and solitary Skeleton bring December's Figometer total of painted figs to 3. Pics to follow.