Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Grahame White Collection Part 2

Here are some more shots of the Grahame White Collection. The Sopwith Pup on the left hand side, and from top to bottom on the right - Caudron G111, Hariot HD-1 and a Vickers FB5.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Grahame White Collection Part 1

I had the pleasure of visiting the RAF Museum in Hendon, London, at the weekend. Took the wife and daughter along too, though little Isla was more interested in the fixtures and fittings than any of the aircraft on show! I took a few pics and this is the first installment of them. Situated in the original Grahame White Factory building is the collection of World War one aircraft. A real treat this, as they have a Sopwith Pup (my favourite WWI scout), and several other famous types on show.

Here are several pictures of the Se5a scout from the collection. The second pic along the top shows the Hucks Starter attached to the Se5a's engine, ready to start her up. Middle bottom pic is of the front of the Sopwith triplane. Isla has to be restrained in the bottom right pic - from nicking some parts in a side cupboard...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


We spent a week in Cornwall, a visit to my brother and family then into a fishermans cottage perched on rocks on the beach in the lovely sleepy village of Gorran Haven near St Austell. here's a pic of the cottage taken from the beach below. We all enjoyed it, nice for Nana and Grandad to spent some quality time with Isla too. All in all it was a well earned break.

It was the first holiday for a while where I haven't searched out some military museum or other. I did see an old cannon when we passed through Looe, but no piccies of arms and armour this time. 

Now i'm back at work and have a toothache to boot. Back to reality with a jolt. Got some plans to finish several mini's soon, and need to buy a couple of new Series 7 brushes.

Figometer Update (August 2010)

Delayed posting for the figometer. Got back from our holiday down in Cornwall last Saturday, so figures have been off the menu and pasties and fish have been on it!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Franco-Prussian War German Forces

This graphic represents my Germanic army collection of figures for the Franco-Prussian War. It's a mish mash of units from across two of the three historical armies that took the field back in 1870.

I've realised that this is quite anal, but I can now reference the lot without too much hassle and know who's where and what's what. Units in blue-grey are not represented by miniatures, but they are there to show the real full strength of each formation.

A regiment of Kuirassier figures is missing from the graphic, as I couldnt fit it on! I also Feel the solitary pain of the lonely Wurttemburg battalion, I might just add another unit in there one day...

U in orde Johan?

This chap is almost finished, just the british made water bottle to complete + musket lock and he's done. I like this pose, he's reaching down to turn over a casualty. There is only the light company of 4 figures to paint for the Dutch militia battalion now. I am off on holiday over the next week in Cornwall, so there won't be anything in the offing.

I'm really itching to base up these guys (4 to a base) but I have told myself I can't base them until all 24 figures are completed. there are a lot of corks with minis precariously mounted on them upon the painting table!