Monday, 7 June 2010

Late war German

A pic of the other figure I painted in May. This late war German has been primed on the desk for around a year and he's part of a set of 4 from Bolt Action Miniatures. Dug out the Vallejo Field Grey and completed him fairly quickly. He's a little thin compared to the usual 28mm figure but at this scale, maybe he's proportionally correct. Went for the basic rubble brick dust base, should've put in a couple of bricks, i'll do this with the next German I complete.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Figometer Update (May 2010)

Finished 2 miniatures in May, so I have started the painting year on a more positive note than of late. Hoping to get more than 12 figures completed this year!

Attention at the moment has swung to the WWII Germans that I have skulking around my lead pile. I'm concentrating on the 251 Stummel crew and a couple of infantrymen. I can't see how I can fit both the crew figures into my Bolt Action Stummel without cramming, so I might just stick the loader in and have the gun commander standing on a base looking wistful.