Friday, 28 May 2010


Just a quick heads up about the new issue of Wargames Illustrated. Managed to get a copy, and this is the first issue to have a Napoleonic theme since the magazine's revamp and I have to say it's worth the £4 price tag.

You get a free copy of the out of print Osprey Men at Arms title 'Napoleon's Guard Infantry 1', and if that isn't motivation enough, the Napoleonic articles are interesting and have a kind of theme running through them about wilhelm von Dornberg and his exploits throughout the wars, from humble origins with the Hessians upto an allied cavalry command at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. There's also a look at the Kingdom of Westphalia.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

French Sailor 1870

Finished this French seaman for my Franco-Prussian War collection. As the War entered the republican phase, and as most of the imperial army had been destroyed or trapped in Metz, the French Navy provided troops to fight in the field and to man the large artillery pieces, particularly during the siege of Paris. These sailors were of good quality compared to the various Garde Mobile and other second line troops made available. This is one of the Perry Twins' earlier sculpts, I doubt they would have sculpted the chassepot rifle this big if they we're producing this figure now. He's a bit satin at the moment, he will get a lick of matt varnish sometime soon. I've noticed I haven't painted the pommel on his sword bayonet, oops.

Numeral Nemesis

I did very well out of it, my Birthday last Thursday. A new miniatures storage case from Kaiser Rushforth, that Bolt Action German Schwimmwagen i've been hankering after for ages, some new tiny drills, and some dirty cash too.

I'm very impressed with the little Schwimmwagen kit, a resin body with seperate metal details. However, i've vowed that I can't start this until i've finished the 251 Stummel. This means I had to tackle the numerals on the side of the beast that i've been avoiding doing for a year. With no decals, I armed myself instead with a paper template printed from the computer. I cut it out with the trusty scalpel, lightly taped it to the Stummel sides and blocked in the numbers with an off white colour. Nowhere near as terrifying as hand painting them on I can assure you, I got the basic outline and got it fairly straight using this method. The thin red inside strokes needed a steady hand but the results are not bad at all I think. Now I only have to complete the two crew, an MG42 and add a bit of Siflor grass.

I'd like to recommend a company i've bought from recently who have an amazing processing and delivery time, in the two time i've ordered from them, my products (Plasticard, putty and CA glue) have arrived in 1 to 2 days. If you need some new materials for your next project, take a look at

The postage rate is very reasonable too.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Dog of War

And here is some of the recent brushwork. Another of my old castings from the golden age of Citadel Miniatures. This is 'Cowden' from the F2 Dogs of War range released in 1987. I always liked his pose, raising the fist to some unknown enemy.

I have also got some of his mates from the F2 range and hopefully one day i'll get round to painting them. I enjoyed painting him up, he's got a lot of character and being on the larger side of 28mm you can really get at the detail. Next in line are some 1980s undead cavalry.

Figometer Annual Tally Report

So here is the total amount of miniatures painted by myself for this last year. 12 miniatures. As you can see it has been a fairly poor showing even by my slow standard. It is all due to the arrival of baby Isla and moving house. I had an amazing spurt of activity in November 09, as I recall it was due to mum and daughter being away for a week! Just had a late burst in April and managed to finish 3 minis here.

I have found that as Isla is getting a little older, I am finding more time to paint now and have a permanent set up in my new study area where I can go and wield the brush whenever I can get a spare minute. Natural light is slightly poorer than it was in the old loft but it hasn't affected my brushwork significantly.