Friday, 13 November 2009

WIP West Prussian Fahnentrager

Started the colour bearer for my 2nd Battalion 1st West Prussians (IR Nr 6). The first battalion's colour had a white background with the black eagle on a green field, the second battalion carried the colour shown here. The staffs these colours were nailed to were, as far as I can tell, painted white for both battalions.

Having no desire to freehand the flag at the moment, I reckon i'm going to print and use this rendering of the flag, photoshopped up a bit. It might look a bit crap and basic at 'normal' size, but when it is shrunken down to about 3cm, and worked up with a little acrylic paint it will look fine.

When this chap is complete there'll only be one more officer to paint and the rest will be rank n file, I really want to finish these guys (along with the Dutch militia and Landwehr) so I can move to other units.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

WIP West Prussian

I've almost finished this chap too. Dressed in a reservist shell jacket with faded facings and lacking a good musket and pack, and non regulation overalls - probably made from a sack! I have included a couple of these figures in my 6th Regiment battalion to add some flavour and slight shabbiness to the unit.

WIP Austrian casualty

I said i'd get some painting in last weekend, and I did. Bought some Austrian Napoleonic casualties a while back from Foundry, to one day grace a part of some gaming table, or to act as markers. Used an off white (Foundry Granite A followed by Vallejo German Camo Beige) to paint the uniform, rather than my usual Foundry Arctic Grey triad. He has the first face i've painted for 3 months and I was pleased with the outcome. The face is paler than the hands in the real world, camera hasn't picked this up much.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms

So I was a little bored at work, and decided to update the Austrian uniforms stuff. Put it all on one page in one place so it's easier, and because I fancied photoshopping up a grenadier too.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Helion and Back

Just when my time investment in miniatures is at an all time low, I discovered these little beauties (not my brushwork by the way) from a firm called Helion and Company ( 1866 is a growing love of mine, probably because of its proximity - timewise - to the Franco-Prussian War. there are countless variants in this range and little details like captured water bottles make them even more appealing. The range is ever growing and the Austrians in greatcoats are something i'd like t have a brushstroke at.

yes, I have no time to paint anything, so why not add to the mountain with a new range and new period, ha ha ha. I think i'll get a test pack or two of these guys at some point.

I have had and got some time to paint over this week, so I will definitely be posting some results next week. The new lamp is working fine and I discovered the paints haven't dried up during my 3 month hiatus.

Incidentally, in none miniature land, our little girl Isla turned 6 months last week and is obsessed with wanting to walk, she bunny jumps and wriggles everywhere! And I recently discovered the joys of spoon feeding and its explosive messy outcome.

Enjoy the fireworks.