Monday, 20 April 2009

8th Dutch Militia

Had a productive two weeks. Cracked on with the 8th militia as you can see. Coming up on half the battalion finished. Been waiting around for the baby to be born you see, so with not going out anywhere, except for walks, i've picked up the brush more often than I would have.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dutch Belgian OOB

Like I did with my Prussians in an earlier post, I have visualised my Dutch Belgian 'Brigade' for the Waterloo campaign. Its semi factual (though some battalions are missing (5th and 7th Militia)) with cavalry attached. I need to buy some more Jagers and the dragoons to complete the force, and will do so from the Perrys as soon as the recession and other outside forces allow!

I keep swinging from project to project, chipping away, and now it seems it's their turn again. This is the only way I can keep focussed, it flies in the face of the way most people paint up their forces. It seems the most common way is to paint a unit at a time. Well, at the moment i'm painting about 10 battalions from all eras! At the moment, i'm still painting the 8th Dutch Militia (that I started in June '07!).

Update: Clock watching at work. It's 20 minutes to go until the Easter break begins for me and i'm dreaming of sneaking in some mini painting. If I survive a night out with pregnant wifey and friends tonight... and once i've cleaned the oven with Mr MuscleTM and made a hole outside the house bigger (dont ask) tomorrow, I may, just may be able to paint the 8th Militia for a couple of hours.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Austrian Artillery Piece

Well, with possibly the last throw of the dice before our baby is due to arrive later this month, I managed to finally finish the Austrian artillery project at the weekend. It's based on plasticard with a frontage of 60mm to allow enough room for the crew. Each figure was pinned in place for a secure fitting (for handling strength - just in case I game with it one day!). The officer and gunner at the back are seperately based, I added a random scratch built box to add to the diorama feel. If you were wondering why the guy at front left has light blue facings, its because he's a Handlanger. These troops we're the non specialist 'muscle' that moved, and helped, the gunners serve the guns. Trained gunners had the red facings.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Figometer Update (March 2009)

Completed 5 miniatures in March. The Napoleonic Austrian gun crew are all but finished, hopefully i'll get that based and wrapped up this weekend. Also finished my figures for the next competition on Steve Deans forum. I put something together that I hope is a little more interesting than my usual single figure fare, we'll see. Not much else to report. I have been scratching my head about basing recently, constantly changing my mind about base sizes and dreaming of finishing units to stick on them. Our work is never done.