Friday, 6 November 2009

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms

So I was a little bored at work, and decided to update the Austrian uniforms stuff. Put it all on one page in one place so it's easier, and because I fancied photoshopping up a grenadier too.


saxon dog said...

Fantastic! Very well produced!

airhead said...

Great looking work.

link below to a blogg using lots of the Helio figures, very nice painting, almost tempting me away from FPW.



James said...

like that a lot

Dinium said...

Yes, i'd seen this guys work Airhead, found it via Hussarbob. I like the Austria hussars, the movement in the poses is up there with the Perrys I reckon.

James, good to see you back in the blogosphere, hope your doing good after your room swapping.

Secundus said...

very nice and helpful too.

gelacaspern09 said...

Good show! I also have been painting Napoleonic mini soldiers: 25mm plastic figures from Italeri and HaT to come up with about 1,650 finished ones at present, but I'm working on 262 at present on general details such as coat, pants, boots/shoes, headgear, some facings, drums. The finer details await me! I have also dedicated a lot to Austrian/Habsburg Imperials, French, Russian, British, and Bavarians. I have Saxon and a few Prussians waiting for attention (can't find the right Prussians, unfortunately). Forward! -Breadalbane36