Thursday, 12 March 2009

French Mitrailleuse

Whilst we're on the subject of painting artillery at the moment, here's a French mitrailleuse from my FPW collection. Painted last year, photographed and then placed with the other chaps in the relevant box. Was about the time I began putting some more effort into blending. I was especially pleased with the gun itself, in particular the brass work and fittings. Wanted a worn in look and was happy with the results.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Austrian Artillery Crew

Started these chaps a long long time ago. Did some more work on them over the weekend. I would have painted the flesh differently if i'd started them now, but hey ho. Hopefully will get them finished pronto and based with the gun which has sat forlorn on my desk for so long. Also got alot of work done on my new vignette, which i'm really pleased with so far. No pics until it's finished though. More on that later.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Figometer Update (February 2009)

Two figures completed in February, both FPW. Not had much time to paint really. Hoping to get some time in this week, I have several figures started, Naps and FPW with mainly flesh finished on them. Now the evenings are getting a bit lighter I may get a chance to do a little work after work.

My entry into the Steve Dean Painting Comp (Berg musketeer from 1815) has just bitten the dust in the first knockout stage, beaten by a fine set of 6 Samurai. Here's a picture of him - an older Perry sculpt for Foundry, with great character. I'm resting up on the next comp, but have a plan for the competition after that one - if I get the figure(s) in time...