Monday, 26 January 2009

Work in Progress (January 09)

Finally got round to working on the Sd Kfz 251/9 Stummel some more. There's no full pic of it here, as i'll put a new 'sheet' in for the Painting Guides section when the Stummel is complete. Although I think i've gone way over the top with the weathering on this vehicle, it was my first attempt at some armour and I don't profess to be an expert. Apparently, the red oxide primer that the Germans used as a protective undercoat for the steel was so good that bare steel was very rarely seen on the vehicles that were chipped etc, so oops there! Painting that tiny number plate was fun. I finished the main gun, and handpainted some insignia on it. Holding off on adding vehicle numbers on the side until i'm feeling tres confident!

Well under way with this Artizan Designs German with panzerfaust too. First go at splinter camo on the smock and i'm very pleased with that too. Really do like the Artizan figures, lovely details. Only slight critisism i'd say about them is they all have heavy jaws, but that's nit picking.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mid January report

Amidst the gloom and this bloody freezing weather i've had a fairly productive start to the year. It's just over mid January and I have completed 4 miniatures and hopefully I may get another couple done but we'll see. Managed to get an entry into the Steve Dean Painting Comp again too. K and I had a break to Barcelona last weekend, lovely weather and had the chance to really unwind. Took in all that is Gaudi and ate some fine food. It was our last 'break' before the baby arrives in April, then I guess it'll be a while before any more weekends away!!

Still fannying about with the diorama project, need to buy a couple of lancers for it. Have decided it'll be a night scene from the Leipzig period though (so I can get Polish lancers/ the Austrian grenadier/ and the French infantry in post 1812 uniform all in it!) No new photos of current work at the moment - but here's a pic of a finished French lancer from the war of 1870-71. I painted the horse with various orange browns and used a fair few washes of ink. I used to use the oil wipe off method, but am quite pleased with the results here. I have a regiment of these guys and one of Prussian kuirassiers to finish one day...

Monday, 5 January 2009

In 1812

This little French chap just got knocked out of the Steve Dean Painting Comp in Round 2. He wasn't painted for the competition but with nothing else to offer up, I stuck him in as I liked his character. I started this miniature a long time ago, worked on the greatcoat then left him for around 10 years (no joke). Bit of a dull figure really, but that's because he's supposed to be trudging through Russia in 1812, tired and depressed, staring blankly into the white void...

Figometer Update (December 2008)

Happy New Year! Back to work today (grr) but I had a 12 day break over the Christmas period and it felt like a longish holiday, though it was pretty cold throughout. Spent Christmas up with the wifes family in Scotland and then had my parents down with us in London for New Year.

I completed 3 figures in December. The new year is looking good as I got some painting in this past weekend and am well on the way to finishing several minis for January. Finally got to open my only miniature related pressie, the Perry's French Line Infantry, and have to say i'm very impressed. Wonder if i'll get time to paint them this year!? The whole package looks great and the detailing looks fantastic.

Hope to start the new diorama project sometime soon and have acquired some of the minis for it, just need some lancers now.