Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Witching Hour – Figometer Update

The clocks have gone back, its Halloween and the dead haunt the dark as the nights draw in even more... Well, all this really means to me is less time for painting with good old natural light!

Sadly, i've no undead pics to paste in! But it is time for me to post the Figometer tally for the past month of October. The 4 Bavarian artillerymen are finished, just need basing, I have also completed another mini, so the total is 5. I spent a little more time painting this last mini than I would normally. Think i'll be entering this chap in the Steve Dean painting competition so more details about him later but i'd say that i'm very happy with the finished article.

Speaking of finished articles, as is always the problem when work gets in the way, the conclusion to the Bavarian Artillery painting guide will be hopefully posted soon (when the basing is done).

Monday, 8 October 2007

News from the picket

My Austrian Napoleonic Jager officer got trounced in Steve Deans painting competititon first round this month so I thought i'd post him up here now. Was happy with him though, especially the bicorne.

Painting some (Franco-Prussian War) Bavarian gunners and field piece at the moment, progressing well they are too after a quiet weekend bitting and bobbing at them. As ever, I have forgotten to take some pics but will do v soon. Maybe i'll do that tonight, as I am especially happy with the faces.

I think i'm going to have a stab at my Bolt Action resin 251 Stummel soon. It has been sitting on the painting desk for some time. Always a bit daunted by vehicles but this is a lovely piece. Think I might put it up as a photo project so people can have a laugh at its progress! Worried about winterising it.

Some Napoleonic Prussian infantry came up to buy on ebay, but being too poor at the moment, I had to let them slip. Real shame as they were the march attack poses i'm really after too!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Only 2 little chaps painted this past month. Spent rather a long time over an Austrian Jager officer, I think I could have painted more but didn't get the intense feeling you sometimes get where a lot can get done with a spurt of enthusiasm. I have lots of mini's that are part finished and almost finished, namely a full gun crew for the Austrian Naps - a crew I started to paint last November! Think I may push on and complete these and some of the others living on the painting shelf.

Feeling the pinch at the moment too, saving money for the wedding which is not too far away now (December). Kilts to preen and speeches to write...!