That time of year when I post something new..

So I got a regiment of Perry Prussian Landwehr Cavalry for Christmas from my dad, and it was too much not to pick up the brush again. I'd vowed I wouldn't start a new unit until i'd finished at least 3 or 4 of the 'back-burner' units on my table, but I couldnt resist. Two new formulas for my horsee pals here, top is a chestnut and the bottom one is a dark bay. Working on three of each, then adding a few blacks and a grey for the musician (what little research i've done on Prussian horse colours is that the army would have taken anything they could, especially in the latter years of the Napoleonic Wars, so whatever..). Seriously, I hope to keep painting for a bit now, my new goal is to paint little and often, like a bit every two days, and see where I get to by years end.

These guys are pinned and their riders have a very sore hole in their butts too! I'll post the riders when I crack on. Two are based and ready to go. I have a really nice spangly shiny new cabinet downstairs for all my finished miniatures to live in, and i've vowed that only completed units can get a ticket in there. Happy painting if anyone is still out there reading my stuff!


Simmy said…
The Perry Landwehr miniatures? Beautiful!
I hope to see them soon on your blog.
The paint horse is a really nice job.
See you soon
Dinium said…
Thanks for your kind comments Simmy.