13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan

I bought a few of the Northstar 1866 Uhlans a little while back. They are lovely figures. The detail is very fine and is going to push the brush a little but that's good as it'll wipe away any rustiness in my painting having not picked up the brush for a little while. Started on the hoss, using Vallejo Cavalry Brown with Black to get a Dark Bay colour, and got the skin tone of the chap out of the way. Not the best pic but hey ho, wanted to post something to prove i'm still knocking about.


Welcome back, we have very much missed you. Good luck with picking up the brushes again - and a very fine start!
Dinium said…
Hey, thanks Sidney. I'm almost about to start my wargames table project, with your towelling method very much i my plans, so will probably be over at your blog picking up some helpful tips. Just assembling funds to grab some blue foam in bulk etc etc..
airhead said…
Nice to see you back posting Dinium, I love the North Star 1866 range, looking forward to seeing your output.

All the best

James Brewerton said…
Great start love the flesh on both.
Peace James