Absence and Salute 2011

Apologies for my absence in here, real life has been getting in the way of all military miniature endeavours recently. I have not lifted a paint brush since second daughter Ava was born in January. Add to this the stresses of having to find another house to live in and it's clear my time has been severely limited of late. I'm moving over the Easter break and after that it's just possible things might settle down and I can get some painting time in.

I did however, make it to Salute this year with my friend Dave. Looking over all the games and products has fired me up again. I had a modest shopping list (austere times) but managed to get the stuff I wanted, mainly the brand new Perry Plastic Prussian Napoleonics (which look lovely), and Dr Stephen Summerfields first volume on the Prussian Infantry 1808-1840, and finally a Warlord games universal carrier for a future diorama project. Oh, and I got the Salute free figure too, a fine Alan Perry ACW cavalryman.

It was very busy this year, as the London Marathon had some kind of registration thing going on at the venue too. The DLR was working normally which made a pleasant change in getting there. The weather was good outside, but as usual, Excel's lighting isn't the best for snapping pics of tiny miniatures without a tripod - Dave had a monstrous lens and his pics were a lot better than mine, so here's a little selection of his handywork. Some great looking games caught our eye, as did a few pints after the 'battle'.

Finally, something I totally missed when actually stood at the Perry's stand purchasing the plastic Prussians, was the three up masters of the latest figures they're working on. They're going to release the Austrians, bless them. I'll be buying a box or two, happy days.


airhead said…
Good luck with the move over Easter, I'll be look forward to seeing those perry prussians with some paint on.

All the best

Shylock said…
First class day out Dinium. Great to catch up and looking forward to seeing your handiwork soon dude.
Gloranthan Army said…
Thanks for the very nice pictures )