Figometer Update (January 2010)

Two miniatures just about completed in January, both of which were Napoleonic Dutch Militamen (this project is so tantalisingly close to being finished). I did also manage to complete the rebase of the FPW Prussians. Unfortunately I have no pics to post up at the moment.

Most of my attention is being channelled into the two young uns right now, changing nappies, spending time with Isla and soothing 5 week old Ava after her feeds. We have to move house in April too, so there's lots going on that have curtailed painting time, not to mention not much sleep.

I have been buying rather more OOP mini's from ebay recently than I would normally do. I've noticed that this is a habit I get into when I can't paint, it would appear to be like some kind of quick fix - if I can't paint em, just buy some more and look at them in their unpainted glory!

Normal painting service will resume, at some point (hopefully) in the not too distant future!