Pre Christmas Offering

What have I been up to? Well, we've been preparing for the arrival of daughter number two, who is due in early January, and indulging in the usual festive duties, namely lots of xmas shopping and draining of bank accounts! It doesn't take much to see I haven't posted anything remotely miniature related in a while.

But I have secretly (late at night) been rebasing my first historical wargames unit I collected back in the day, namely the Prussian fusilier battalion of IR Nr 66 (1870). These little chaps are almost all complete in their rebased splendour and I will get a photo up in good time.

Also, wanting a bit of a change from the Naps, I have dug out a few old Citadel minis from the depths, and finished a couple of goblins and a skeleton from my 'old' collection from the 80s. These are fun for me to paint as there is no regimented uniform and I can relax and just paint what I want.

For the interested, i'll post some pics of these in the 'Citadel Old School' link soon.


Giles said…
What wonderful news! Many congratulations and best wishes for January.

airhead said…
Congrats to you and the family. All the best for January and the rest of 2011.

Dinium said…
Thanks guys. We'll have our work cut out in January for sure! Happy Xmas and all the best for the New Year.