Just when I was happy with my Perry Twins designed Foundry metal Prussians, the twins go and do this: Here

It's a good job i'm sitting down. Plastic Napoleonic Prussians, it makes me feel warm inside. I know the figs won't fit in with the Foundry sculpts as the Perry's style has moved on a lot since the early 90s, but i'll be buying a set of these guys for sure, and you get some volunteer jagers in the box too. Metals are apparently in the pipeline to flesh the range out as well.

Perry Miniatures just get better and better. Nice one Alan + Michael.


Giles said…
I know what you mean about their Foundry figures. I painted up a French Nap artillery crew last week and the sculpts are actually quite weird. I'm guessing the twins (or one of them anyway) made them in the late 1990s. Their stuff nowadays is light-years ahead. I think the Prussian range came out before the Russian one, which was a big improvement on their earlier Naps.

Anyway, this announcement is excellent news. I wonder if they will just confine themselves to 1815 or look at other Nap periods.

Dinium said…
Hi Giles. It seems Warlord are at it as well, with plastic Prussian landwehr. They don't look too bad (apart from Kenny Everett large hands and 'odd' equipment) but not a patch on the Perry's mob. I'll be sticking with my Foundry landwehr.

Who knows what they'll do after the Waterloo campaign stuff. Perhaps they'll do Austrians again, now that would be great.