More Militia

Finished these two guys in June, though this is a WIP shot. This is becoming one of the slowest painted battalions in history I reckon. 14 finished models in it at the moment, and been chipping away at them for a long long time (from the Dutch Belgian Napoleonic thread in my blog side bar, you'll gather the militia were started in 2007!).

I have been generously given some green stuff recently and have been toying with the idea of trying some sculpting. Bought some dentistry tools and wax shapers at a very good price so I am armed and ready to go. I've created a 28mm armature after sketching out a 'figure' i am going to try and create. I'll have some WIP shots of it soon. I have the fear it will look terrible but i'm going to give it a try.

I pushed around some green stuff the other day to get a bit familiar with it and it is, as they say very much like chewing gum. This will be fun.


Giles said…
These are fantastic - the faces in particular are so full of character. By coincidence, I started a battalion of Perry 1815 Dutch line in 2007 and have to date only completed 6 figures! I must finish it some time.

I appreciate now how painting time melts away when you have a youngster. I can just about manage some undercoating while monitoring Hugo on his playmat, but as soon as he starts crawling I know even that is going to have to stop...

Best wishes

Dinium said…
Hi Giles, I was looking at your dragoons the other day, you've done a great job on those.

I must admit that I used my optivisor when I was working on these chaps - which is something I don't use often -but this was due to painting them at night mostly. Noting your comments about Hugo, the night painting is child related too. I really only find time to paint when Isla is in bed now, or during the golden hour of the mid morning nap, but that's only on weekends...
airhead said…
Great looking work Dinium, its not the quantity its the quality that counts, and thats some quality painting you've done there.

All the best