Prussian Kuirassier, 1870

After yesterdays slightly mad rambling, and as there has been no offering up of newly painted miniatures, here's a pic of a Kuirassier I finished some time ago. I feel that the shadows on the white uniform are too stark, something I will correct a little on the rest of the unit when I get around to finishing them in the future. Still, I was happy with his face, riding boots and the horse hide.

Moving away from the Franco Prussian angle - I know that research is a fundamental part of our hobby, and there's nothing better than poring over some good reference photo, illustration or text of the subject you want to depict. So I wanted to give a heads up to a book I purchased recently called Waterloo Relics by the publisher Histoire and Collections.

This book is a little gem, though it's not meant to go into deep detail of events of the said campaign, it does present a great photographic and illustrative reference of many interesting artefacts, uniforms and period paintings of Waterloo. I recommend it to anyone interested in painting the period. Check it out if you have a spare few quid.


Matt said…
Sorry to hear about your house move woes. I lost a house buy after selling my old one and living with the in-laws! However the house we did find was much better and so it worked out well in the end! Cracking figure by the way.

Dinium said…
Hi Matt,

It's a shame about the house but I guess it's fate. We just weren't meant to have it. Something will come along at a better time. We're now settling into a nice 2 bed garden flat so my daughter has the space she needs.

My painting desk is now set up after a months hiatus, and I feel lots better already.

I've been keeping tabs on your FPW Foundry stuff, the Bavarian Kuirassiers look great. Hope you enjoy painting them as much as I do.


seema said…
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