Dutch 27th Jager

Painting time is extremely limited at the moment, hence the meagre post offerings recently, there's lots going on and it has severely curbed hobby time. Isla is now walking, at nine months old! So keeping an eye on her scurrying around keeps me busy!

It seems there's some great miniatures being released at the moment, the Perrys plastic Dragoons and soon to be released Hussars look great, and at 15 pounds I might be able to afford to scape up the funds to buy some later this year. Also got my eye on the new Bolt Action WWII Schwimmwagen. I just want one.

I have been painting a little, and have some results, but no pics of them as yet. I do have time to mess with photoshop on occasion (I whisper 'at work') so i've reworked the depiction of the Dutch Jager I created a while ago. I'll be painting these chaps at some point - and I find illustrating always helps me to visualise the uniform.


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