A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to one and all, and a big thanks to all who pop by or follow my little blog. This last year has seen a small but steady trickle of visitors from all over the world. I do hope you get some enjoyment out of my ramblings and what not.

The Christmas break was a relaxing time for me and the unit, spent with my parents back up north in Doncaster. Having the grandparents to hand meant K and I had the luxury of a lie-in each morning while Nana and Grandad were kept busy by little Isla from 7am! The wee one did very well out of Christmas, so many toys and clothes that it took all day on and off to open all her presents, and being 8 months old, she enjoyed scrunching the wrapping paper more than the contents! She is also now the proud owner of one tooth.

The new year will hopefully bring a new residence to live in, eventually, and hopefully an upsurge in painting too. I've already managed half an hour in the loft, but only undercoated 3 minis - ha ha. I'm determined to test drive the Foundry Napoleonic Artillery paints I got for Christmas very soon though.


airhead said…
Happy new year to you and yours, good to see Nana & Grandad getting their share of the hard work, and good luck on the house hunting front. I'm sure its out there just waiting for you to find it. I'm a great believer in fait.

Keep up the ramblings and what not

All the Best for 2010