Work in Progress

Here's a sneak peek at the Bolt Action 251 Stummel i'm working on. My first 28mm vehicle this is. This pic was taken just after i'd applied my weathering wash. I'm fairly happy with how it went on though it was difficult to control, but next time I won't use such a dark wash. There are still several other stages to go but the interior is all but complete in this photo. Chipping, blending and 'dusting' etc all yet to go on the exterior, as well as the gun mount and gun itself... If i'm truly happy with the finished product, i'll post up a stage by stage tutorial if anyone out there is interested.


Jay said…
Nice looking. I would love to see a tutorial.
Dinium said…
Thanks Jay. I'm working on finishing it at the moment (hopefully shouldn't be too long) and when its done i'll put together all the WIP shots into some order. Worried about doing the freehand insignia though!

Please keep checking back from time to time.