All Change!

What a whirlwind. Got hitched - then off to the Caribbean then back home for Christmas. A month of sorts! I know my blog is all things miniature but I think an event like Katherines and my Wedding should be recorded here. After all, it's the reason I haven't picked up the sable for the last five weeks! Hopefully i'll be able to spend some quality time with the little metal ones as well as the wife over the new year!

With the little bag of coins that Santa brought for me, it's also very likely i'll be putting an order in with the Perrys, Bolt Action, Artizan, Foundry or Calpe, i'm off to make a list..

Oh and there is no Figometer for the month of December 2007, because of what went on above. As I write this, I have finally got back into the saddle and am near completing the first three minis of 2008. Have to say though, it took an hour or so to get back into it, and some real concentration.