Friday, 11 December 2009

Austrian Casualty

Finished the first of the Austrian casualties that will lie around my units looking ill. His hair ended up blonde, though it went through several stages as I gave it a wash here and there without any real plan as to a final colour. I am happy with the off white of the uniform, which was intended. My earlier Austrians have a much more black to white shade though I think I will mingle the two hues as units progress.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

West Prussians

Only got to sort out the flag for the 2nd West Prussians to stick on this bloke on the right. Sent a Christmas list to Santa for some new paints. Asked him nicely for the Foundry Prussian Blue palette amongst some other bits. I'm interested to see what the palette is like, it's been my quest to find a 'prussian' blue that i'm happy with without mixing it from several concoctions.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

King's German Legion

Realising that to be painting up a Dutch Belgian Brigade, a Prussian Brigade and a fair few Austrian units is not enough, I thought i'd finalise my plans on parchment for the Anglo allied contingent i've been building slowly over the last few years, with a pack bought here and a pack bought there. This is my theoretical strength of my King's German Legion brigade. It's mostly made up of Foundry miniatures. Most of which were bought before the plastic revolution that grips our hobby. I could, however, potentially buy the Perry's plastic brits to fill the ranks of the 8th Line Battalion. And one day soon, i'll start the tartan terrors that are just 'there'.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Figometer Update (November 2009)

Finished 7 miniatures this past month (Prussians and Dutch militia), some of these have been sat waiting to be completed since the summer, but also finished 3 new miniatures as well. Not a bad tally considering extreme lack of painting time over the last few months. Hope to get some pictures up sometime soon.

On a bit of a downer at the moment as we've had to pull out of buying our next house due to lack of building regulations regarding conversion work (the house would have had a lovely painting area too!). Sure we'll bounce back, but the run up to Christmas is looking hectic now, with house hunting in a winter market to add to festive madness.