Monday, 29 June 2009

US Marines in the Pacific

These little guys got to the quarter final of the Steve Dean painting competition before getting beaten, and I put together this painting guide a little while back for anyone that's interested. Looking back at them now, I would have added some more colour to the piece, the sage green and ash greys do make for a 'dull' paint job. I had intended to add small empty cartridge cases and a discarded radio but ran out of time at the er, time. When I placed the all elements on the base there wasn't enough room for a scratch built radio, but I could have added the shell cases to give some extra colour.

Nice little figures from The Assault Group, I think they have lots of character, although there was some detail loss/ casting imperfection around the legs of the guy on his knees. Click the image to open it in a larger frame.


James said...

That is great...I don't know what competition you were up against but I bet if you had managed the radio and empty cases it may well have won it....

airhead said...

Great group of figures, personally i love the colours, got my vote. I think James is right about the little details, like shell cases etc... they can make a big difference.

I love the info sheets you do. You should see if The Assault Group would be interested in this one, nothing ventured nothing gained. You never know, even if it only leads to some sample figures.

All the best


Dinium said...

Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated. I might send the sheet onto TAG, though am wary that it takes mini companies aeons to process this type of thing. When I sent paint guides for Bolt Action (at the request of Paul) the little paint guides sank without trace. No harm as I guess they were busy, I know it's often a one man band.

Donogh said...

I really like this actually. You can't spruce up Iwo Jima too much: volcanic ash is pretty stark.
Maybe as you say some shell casing would've tipped the balance. An extra piece of detail and some nice contrast can do wonders