Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Figometer Update (September 2008)

The nights are drawing in, and i've just had my first cold of the Autumn (always a nasty one), my chest has been rattling like a rusty old gate, better now though. Didn't stop me finishing the month 1 up on my target number of completed minis! 5 miniatures finished, thanks to last weekend's little spurt.

So am pleased with my efforts this last month. Spent quite some time on entries for competitions as well as working on a mix of different figure types, fantasy and historical. All round, a multifarious mix of camo schemes, drabs and Napoleonic colour flamboyance. Had a stab at Other Source Lighting too, an interesting way to work (in a good way). It makes you think about where the light would fall on the miniature and lots of colour blending involved too. I'll post it when it's finished.

Prussian Landwehr (5)

Cracked on with the Westphalian landwehr at the weekend. Started the Beardy guy here and another of his kinder, finished the muskets and added some more mud on several more. Next up for these guys (apart from more march attack poses) is the standard bearer. Still trying to batch paint them, which is fine with 2 at a time, but any more and I find i'm concentrating on one mini too much and before I know it i've neglected to move along to the next figure.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Had a good weekend at the painting desk, the weather was good for a change and lots of sun really helps detailing. Swung over to some World War two bits, so no Napoleonic work this week. Finished a couple of German figures, from Artizan Designs and Bolt Action Miniatures. No photos of the Artizan mini, but Finished the kneeling chap here, he's finally joined his riflemen buddies. Finished up a good session with some varnishing. Something i've been putting off 'cause it's boring, but yes yes, I know it's important to protect the handywork.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Prussian Landwehr (4)

....Also took a photo of the next two Prussian Landwehr on the production line. Lots of equipment still to paint here, with the facings to finish also. I might have that first base of six figures finished soon, ha ha right! I've started driving lessons again, so this means even less time for painting, plus it's starting to get dark earlier and earlier - so will have to choose my time wisely.

A Faint Trace of Something

Painted this 80's Citadel Ghost on Saturday. Fancied a change from the military themes to something out of the norm. Pleased with the colours, I mainly used the Foundry Tomb Blue C with blue inks. I Added the greenish hue (a wash of Green and Blue inks) to complement an otherwise 'boring' scheme. Coat d Arms Bogey Green added to the Tomb Blue C provided the highlights to the lower robes. I was surprised at how fast I painted it (just over 1 hour), I know the palette is limited but compared to the time it takes me to paint a Napoleonic figure, this was fast!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Napoleonics

Just seen these little guys on the Crusader Miniatures site. Looks like they're branching into the Napoleonics. Have to say I really like the sculpting. Very reminiscent of the earlier Foundry (Perry) French, much more filled out than the more 'realistic' figures in the present Perrys French range. Thats not to say I dont like the Perrys new figs, I have lots and they're fantastic. Will probably part with some cash for some of these guys though, they may complement my Foundry old boys well.

Link: http://www.crusaderminiatures.com

Monday, 1 September 2008

Figometer Update (August 2008)

Scourge of Summer Strikes. Not a Daily Mail headline, just the fact that its summer, or rather the end of it, and had virtually no time for painting. Lots of functions too attend (Weddings, BBQs, visits to friends in further fields etc...). Has been an exceptionally wet August too, think the Met office is about to announce its been the wettest since records began. Sure i've heard this one before though?!

So, apologies - the will has been there but not the timeframe - only the one Prussian Nap finished. The 2 Battalions of Line and Landwehr are slowly coming along. Almost got the first two six man bases for each of these finished. Slowwww ahead tho. Might get some time this weekend coming, just might.