Monday, 31 March 2008

Figometer Update (March 2008)

Well, an eventful month this March has been. Helped by not going away for the Easter break, I managed to get more done than I thought I would. The equivalent of 7 miniatures finished. I say the equivalent because i'm counting an artillery piece and a hoss as a figure each too. I also cracked on with several other minis in various stages of completion.

On a sad note, my favourite brush (which some may or may not be surprised to know was a Foundry pure sable) is on its last legs, old faithful has served very well for three years but it's time to retire to the reserves and let some freshly groomed sable enter the ranks. I have been painting with Windsor and Newton Series 7 for a while too, alongside my other Foundry brushes and they're performing very well.

Looking forward to Salute now, it is only three weeks away. Time to write out a small shopping list!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

French Gunners

Been busy working on my Franco-Prussian war French Artillery and a couple of cavalry figures. Painted these French chaps a considerable time ago (well, several years ago!) and these days I wouldn't paint the slightly large bug eyes this big. Have to go back and tidy up the gun axles too.

I find I have to raise my concentration game to paint cavalry and artillery as it takes so much longer to complete them, and I really need a break after about 2 hours solid painting. Got in a lot of brush work over Easter though, and completed 7 figures so the Figometer is going to look fairly healthy for March.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Prussian Infantry

4 days off 'real' work and hoping to get a couple of good painting sessions in over Easter weekend. The wife is away so its time to stock up on food and hole up in the loft tomorrow. Here's a shot of recent brush activity, couple of marching Prussian infantry. You're probably thinking the basing lets them down a little. Looks luminous in the photo but its not like that in real life. Its a flocking (flocking not f*cking! )formula i've been using since 1990 (when I started these Franco-Prussian armies) and for consistency i'm sticking with it. I envisage some kind of wargaming with these boys later in life and the bases needed to be sturdily painted so thats why there is no static grass that could get mangled up.

Monday, 3 March 2008

German Signaller

Did some DIY at the weekend so not much time for the hobby except for some basing, but here's a pic of my entry to the current Steve Dean Painting Competition. He's just been knocked out in round three. I had hoped he would get to the quarter finals but hey, thats life! Was a great figure to paint and I really enjoyed it, especially the signal patch, didn't think my hand would hold steady but it did! Field grey is difficult to make look interesting. I painted his field blouse as an earlier war version (M1940), with a greener hue than the later tunics. I think it made a nice contrast with the rest of the uniform.