Monday, 14 July 2008

Prussian Landwehr (3)

Cracked on with the Landwehr at the weekend, finished the officer and have almost finished the drummer. Painting the tiny prussian cockade on the front of the landwehr cap was fun, and I didn't attempt it until my eyes came online! A tip i'd say is to let your eyes become accustomed to the session for a while before painting any fiddly detail. Then I found there was a bit of casting missing from the bottom of the drum as I started to paint it. It's not too bad and he'll live. You can't really pick out these things after you've undercoated with black, no matter how much you try to adjust your eyes!

White trousers were painted first with Foundry Granite C, then the Arctic Grey Triad. I added my mud mix to the drummer too. This is a wash using Foundry Granite A and Spearshaft B, followed by a 'stippling' of pure Granite A. Trying not to overdo the mud effect though, so some guys will have a spash and some wont. Thanks to Blogger Martin ( for helping out with drum colour issues. There's now another batch of 4 more basecoated Landwehr ready to start on. Am trying to finish off my Dutch Militia Battalion at the same time...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Prussian Landwehr (2)

Not much of a tennis fan really, so no vegging in front of the tv this past weekend. But of course we can find work for idle hands... Had some DIY to do. Put up a huge blind in our bedroom - which involved drilling some masonry which was fun - and thats just about the last bit of work done on the flat and it does look very nice now. Somewhere in between all that, I put in some more work on my Prussian Landwehr infantry, notably on the officer and drummer. I finished the muddied trousers on the other chap too. Painted small dabs of Foundry Granite A over the softer washed out dirt effect. I think the result is rather pleasing.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Figometer Update (June 2008)

Well, i've let it slip a little in June, with only 2 figures painted. Summer should be the best time for painting - good long sunny days. Unfortunately, its also a good time for holidays and stag do's and Euro 2008 and spending time doing stuff outside the realm of being cooped up in Diniums Loft. Am quite sad that the Euro's have finished, even though England weren't in it, I really enjoyed getting home form work and lounging on the chaise longue with a bottle of bulmers watching it all pan out.

Anyway, I have managed to get an entry into the Steve Dean Painting Comp this month, and I am pleased with the finished figure. I'll post it up here when he's done battling.