Thursday, 31 January 2008

Leadus Mountainus

Made it to the end of January with 6 minis finished, not bad, I feel like i'm back into the swing - was a little rusty at first after my winter 'break' but after painting in a couple of eyes on the 28mm chaps it all came back. I have spent some considerable time working on the German SdKfz 251 'Stummel' too, but there is a long way to go on that. I don't own an airbrush (maybe one day, its something i'd like to have a go at), so everything is and will be hand painted. Thinking about the camo scheme at the moment, the 'Stummel' is late war so its a dunkelgelb base for me, and then we'll see what's extra. I'll post some pics of the project soon.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Yellow Jack Cobham

Looks like i'll be up on the Figometer this month, almost 5 minis painted and still over a week of January left. - Hopefully will get some time over the coming weekend to finish them off. Dug out this pic of my entry for Steve Deans Pirate competition last year, thought it was worth archiving in me blog. The limited edition mini was sculpted by Bill T at Musketeer Miniatures. My entry did pretty well and fought through the rounds to the last few pirates, but was struck down by someones rusty cutlass! Anyway, enjoy the pic.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Januarys WIP

So here's evidence of my recent activity. I have a few old Citadel Dwarfs knocking about the painting desk and thought i'd paint one or two up for a change. I was happy with this guy, although maybe I wouldn't have painted the creases in the leather jerkin so dark if I painted him again. If you're interested, I used the Foundry Drab triad for the gambeson, with Black added to the A shade for the creases. I've also got on with the historical side too - painting these two Bavarians for my Franco-Prussian collection.

Its interesting during research to read several books and/or accounts of a subject, as while researching the Bavarians during the Franco-Prussian war, I discovered that some authors state the Bavarians were reluctant allies to the Prussians, performing without much zeal, others state the former, but also that the Bavarians' professionalism was such that they accounted themselves extremely well and fought with just as much doggedness and determination as Frenchman or German. these are opinions, mostly made after the event with whatever evidence there is left at hand. I suspect there is truth in all these viewpoints to a greater or lesser degree, but the important thing is you just can't beat thoroughly researching a subject.

Anyway, i'm starting to look forward to Salute 08 in April, I really do like to wander the arena, staring at everything and plotting what i'm going to buy to throw on my lead mountain. Like most of my ilk, I have a scrawled almost gibberish list of minis I think I must have (you know what I mean)...

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

All Change!

What a whirlwind. Got hitched - then off to the Caribbean then back home for Christmas. A month of sorts! I know my blog is all things miniature but I think an event like Katherines and my Wedding should be recorded here. After all, it's the reason I haven't picked up the sable for the last five weeks! Hopefully i'll be able to spend some quality time with the little metal ones as well as the wife over the new year!

With the little bag of coins that Santa brought for me, it's also very likely i'll be putting an order in with the Perrys, Bolt Action, Artizan, Foundry or Calpe, i'm off to make a list..

Oh and there is no Figometer for the month of December 2007, because of what went on above. As I write this, I have finally got back into the saddle and am near completing the first three minis of 2008. Have to say though, it took an hour or so to get back into it, and some real concentration.