Monday, 16 June 2008

Prussian Landwehr

Got some painting done over the weekend as I rested my feet. I got bad blisters and a gammy hip from my recent walk in the Highlands (Great Glen Way). Loved the break and the scenery, and the weather was good again for us. It only rained for an hour or so on the Tuesday morning, otherwise it was generally warm, sunny with the odd cloudy period. So anyway, it was good to lay up the feet and pick up the brush. Completed my entry for the Steve Dean Comp this month, just the base to finish so am happy i've managed to put one together. (even more astonished i've done this, with all the Euro 08 football on!)

And... as if I haven't enough half finished units, i've started my Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr battalion. I have a soft spot for these troops, though the uniform is simplistic - to me they look cool. Happy with how the two 'testers' are going here, wanted a good dark blue and tried not to 'work it up' too much. Only 22 to go. 2nd Westphalian Landwehr Regiment, 2nd Battalion.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Belgian Napoleonic Line Infantry Shako

Another addition to the Uniforms and Equipment area. This is a hotch potch of bits and pieces, I usually get the urge to draw these bits when working on the related figures. As i'm still toiling with my Dutch Belgian brigade, thought i'd add some more nice shakos.

The 'W' on the helmet plates is the monogram for William of Orange, sovereign of the Low Countries, whose son Prince William fought as an allied commander during the hundred days campaign in 1815.