Wednesday, 24 July 2013

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan (3)

Some more work done on this chap, though the humid air is making it a slog. Riding breeches done with a mix of Citadel Chaos Black and Foundry Charcoal Black B, working up to pure Charcoal Black B. The white facings (very tricksy piping on the ulanka!) are Foundry Arctic Grey A followed by Arctic grey B. A little pure White added here and there for an ultra highlight.

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan (2)

Thought i'd add a few notes re the paints used. I wanted a richer blue than my usual concoction for Prussian infantry so the tunic is Foundry Prussian Blue A, followed by Foundry Prussian Blue A mixed with Foundry Deep Blue A. Midlight is Foundry Deep Blue A and B.

Monday, 22 July 2013

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan

I bought a few of the Northstar 1866 Uhlans a little while back. They are lovely figures. The detail is very fine and is going to push the brush a little but that's good as it'll wipe away any rustiness in my painting having not picked up the brush for a little while. Started on the hoss, using Vallejo Cavalry Brown with Black to get a Dark Bay colour, and got the skin tone of the chap out of the way. Not the best pic but hey ho, wanted to post something to prove i'm still knocking about.