Friday, 15 November 2013

Post Halloween Painting

Random camera-phone evidence of some recent painting. I put some old school Citadel Undead to the brush, to loosen myself up for getting back in to painting the historicals. Was fun to get the inks out for the zombie, and a pleasant change to do some flaming hair on my skeleton friend.

This week I bought some Vallejo colours i'll need for the WWII 46 Recce Regiment universal carrier project I highlighted a long time ago, suddenly got the itch to start that project proper. Hope to start that this side of Christmas.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan (3)

Some more work done on this chap, though the humid air is making it a slog. Riding breeches done with a mix of Citadel Chaos Black and Foundry Charcoal Black B, working up to pure Charcoal Black B. The white facings (very tricksy piping on the ulanka!) are Foundry Arctic Grey A followed by Arctic grey B. A little pure White added here and there for an ultra highlight.

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan (2)

Thought i'd add a few notes re the paints used. I wanted a richer blue than my usual concoction for Prussian infantry so the tunic is Foundry Prussian Blue A, followed by Foundry Prussian Blue A mixed with Foundry Deep Blue A. Midlight is Foundry Deep Blue A and B.

Monday, 22 July 2013

13th (1st Hanoverian) Uhlan

I bought a few of the Northstar 1866 Uhlans a little while back. They are lovely figures. The detail is very fine and is going to push the brush a little but that's good as it'll wipe away any rustiness in my painting having not picked up the brush for a little while. Started on the hoss, using Vallejo Cavalry Brown with Black to get a Dark Bay colour, and got the skin tone of the chap out of the way. Not the best pic but hey ho, wanted to post something to prove i'm still knocking about.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fred Funcken 1921 - 2013

I have not posted for a while again, due to painting fits and starts. But I thought it appropriate to comment on the recent passing of Fred Funcken. When I was growing up I found the uniform books that he produced and illustrated with his wife Liliane fascinating, and it was the information inside these books that contributed so much to me getting hooked on the colourful details of the Napoleonic period.

It was only recently that I bought up a beautifully preserved German copy of the Funckens' Historiche Uniformen 19.Jahrhundert. With the advances that have been made in indentifying uniforms since the 60's and 70's, these books may or may not now be seen to be totally accurate, but they are beautiful books in their own right and a fine contribution to any collection of military reference material.

Sad to lose someone who contributed so much to the wargaming and military history world. Rest in peace Fred.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Instagram Militia

Another Westphalian Landwehr work in progress. Was messing with my phone camera to see if it could handle some macro.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WIP (Habsburg Resurgent)

Have picked up the brush recently, and apart from the continuation of the FPW projects, have dug out the Austrian Napoleonic project.

Perry's Foundry sculpts once more here. I will be getting hold of the Perry Austrians and mixing them into my Foundry army, they wont be intermingling in units so the proportion differences wont be really an issue.

I saw the new Perry twins' Austrian Wurst limber last week and it got me a little excited, guess i'll be picking up one of those sometime soon...