Friday, 26 March 2010

Prussian Kuirassier, 1870

After yesterdays slightly mad rambling, and as there has been no offering up of newly painted miniatures, here's a pic of a Kuirassier I finished some time ago. I feel that the shadows on the white uniform are too stark, something I will correct a little on the rest of the unit when I get around to finishing them in the future. Still, I was happy with his face, riding boots and the horse hide.

Moving away from the Franco Prussian angle - I know that research is a fundamental part of our hobby, and there's nothing better than poring over some good reference photo, illustration or text of the subject you want to depict. So I wanted to give a heads up to a book I purchased recently called Waterloo Relics by the publisher Histoire and Collections.

This book is a little gem, though it's not meant to go into deep detail of events of the said campaign, it does present a great photographic and illustrative reference of many interesting artefacts, uniforms and period paintings of Waterloo. I recommend it to anyone interested in painting the period. Check it out if you have a spare few quid.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Where, where is the town. Now, it's nothing but flowers

This doodle is my sad face at work today. My apologies for a long absence.

Its been a cold luckless winter for us: Main reasons for woe are house related, and they have gone like this: Selling the flat. Putting everything in storage. Buying a house. Losing out on the house due to vendors financial 'difficulties'. Being homeless. Living out of backpack at friends' places. Lots of beard scratching. Deciding to rent a while. Deciding to sit on capital.


On a happier note, Isla has lots of teeth. She walks alot and she is into everything. She is getting really strong and developing her character, squawking, playing chase and flashing that cheeky grin.

So, not had time for any miniature painting whatsoever! My brushes and paints are currently languishing in the dark down at the Big Yellow Storage. During this horrid few months, the only miniature related activity is that I managed to slip and to drop a tupperware box - with some of my most precious miniatures safely padded into it with cotton wool - onto the pavement and broke a few standard bearers and a diorama. Mind you, I just about avoided breaking my elbow during the fall so I guess that's a plus.

The wife took Isla up to Scotland for a couple of weeks to see the grandparents and to escape the homeless situation. So I was dossing down at my mates flat. I channelled some of the negative energy I felt from being let down by the sellers of the house we should now be living in into something productive and have got my painting mojo back. Not the mini painting mojo (i'm sure that will return soon, when we move into the new rented flat and the little desk and daylight lamp comes out), but in the brush to canvas way.

I'm thinking I might post some of the results of my endeavours here. My interest in drawing and painting obviously has a military bent so I guess it would be relevant to Diniums Loft.

Anyway, we're hopefully moving this weekend, and we can all have some space, Isla can have her own room, and family life can get back to some kind of normality.

The new place is a ground floor garden flat. The real Diniums 'Loft' has gone with the sale of our old place, but the name will live on like a shining beacon wherever I choose wield the 00 brush.