Friday, 30 May 2008

Tommy Two

Oh, and despite the aching arm, which I shouldn't have aggravated really, I worked some more on the British tommy footballer last night for an hour or two. As I couldn't get hold of Vallejo English Uniform in time, I have used Foundry Drab A then Drab A+B to highlight the uniform, followed by a final highlight of pure Drab B in selected areas (the most raised details). Its a fairly poor photo that's not showing the tonal values very well, but started work on the 'wet' lower legs and boots too. I used a mix of Foundrys Granite A and Bay Brown A applied to the lower putees and boots, adding more Granite A and some Granite B to highlight for a damp look. I'm trying to get a similar appearance to the wetness in this Saving Private Ryan pic, like a 'grey' sheen. Still needs more work though.

Figometer Update (May 2008)

End of May and 3 figures completed. Several being worked on though. It's all the horses fault (taking ages to finish). I am going away on holiday next week so there'll be no updates over that time. Am off walking the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness. We walked the West Highland Way a couple of years back and me old feet suffered terribly back then (soft skin, like a baby!). It's just as well i'm on hols, seem to have developed what I can only describe as an RSI in my right arm, its like dead arm, and I don't know if its from too much painting or from 'mouse hand' from my computer at work. At least a week away will rest it.

I hope the weather isn't too bad. I have trench waders just in case :-)

Monday, 26 May 2008


Bought a handfull of the Great War Miniatures er, miniatures when I went to Salute in April. Got round to starting them today. Here's a WIP pic. Nice fairly large sculpts with lots of character, this is the guy booting a football (into no mans land!).

The base colour I have used for the khaki is Vallejo Brown Violet 887. Will probably highlight it with one of the Foundry Drab triad. The webbing base colour is a 50/50 mix of Foundry Moss B and Storm Green B. I'll try to post some more pics of this guy as he progresses (could take some time!).

It has rained in London all day, but have managed almost a full working day of painting, tired but happy to have finished some other miniatures off. Another observation of note - Donny Rovers won the League One playoff against Leeds at Wembley yesterday - am very proud of them. It'll be Championship football for them in August. Probably be quite a shock I expect...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Its my Birthday...

And all I got was this... Great book. Achtung Schweinhund! by Harry Pearson. Been wanting to read this for ages. Kindly bought for me by my inlaws. I'm sure many people who would find my blog interesting have probably read it aw hile ago but I just started it, and already I can see the inevitable parallels in it to my own life.

I did get other stuff of course. Although the postie hasn't delivered many cards (yet). Maybe I am that popular!

Katherine whisked me away to Madrid last weekend and I really enjoyed it. Its a shame the pound is so weak against the Euro at the moment, but things are generally cheaper over there. Took in some Flamenco at a world famous club (Corral de la Moreria) where they literally smashed up the wooden floor of the stage with their footwork (I suspect it is replaced very frequently). Even managed to squeeze in a look at the armour that's kept at the Palace Real. In 'painting life', i'm coming to the end of the recent projects with only the basing to do. Hopefully i'll be able to post some photos of this stuff soon. Adios

Friday, 9 May 2008

Figometer Annual Tally Report

Here it is, what we've all been dying to see.. the first annual Figometer results in graphic format ( heralded by a fanfare in the background from the Band of the Royal Marines... or, in reality, just a tiny passing moment marked only by the faint squeak of a mouse).

39. I painted 39 miniatures to completion over the last year since Figometer records began (May to May). I'll admit that there are around another 20 at various stages from just 'flesh undercoat' to near completion. As you can see, there was a massive dip over Nov-Dec 07 where nothing got painted. This was due to lots of Wedding and Honeymoon activity. It seems that over the year there were great spurts of painting followed by quieter periods, and no real 'average'.

Now that I see the total, it seems a bit like a small number in return for many many hours work. But hey, this is my hobby and who really cares how many and how long, I enjoy it and i'll just keep going. The target for the year was 48, and when I put it like that, 39 looks ok.

I'm determined to paint more this year. Gotta get them all done before my eyesight fails! But at this rate, i'll be dead long before the lead mountain has been excavated.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Work in Progress (May 08)

What Lovely sunny weather we're having, shame i'm stuck in the office, grr. I've not finished and photographed any miniatures for a little while, so here's some random shots of work in progress from the Franco-Prussian project. Recently been working on horses, experimenting with methods other than the 'oil wipe off'. I found I had to be disciplined to pay as much attention to the hoss as the rider and equipment, I think it's a common problem in the miniature painting world that there's this lack of love for painting the horse. Perhaps its due to the fact it is a larger surface area with little 'sharp' detail upon it.

Anyway, all I say is it takes me a fairly long time to paint up a 28mm horse, and extra stamina is needed to do so. But i'm happy with the way these particular figures are shaping up.

Just about all the figures I grabbed at Salute 08 are still in their blisters atop the lead mountain, with some figures in blisters from last years Salute!! To add to this madness the weather's hotting up outside and the acrylics are drying damn fast. And i've heard and seen evidence that the Perrys are bringing out plastic Napoleonics. It all getting very exciting and summer is just around the corner!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Figometer Update (April 2008)

Only managed two miniatures over April. I have been away a lot (including weekends), and life as you know, often gets in the way. I have painted odd bits in little sessions when i've got home after work, but with limited daylight (I prefer daylight) time only so much can be done. A pattern seems to be emerging where my performance is good over one month then fairly bad the next. Anyway, hopefully will get more done in May.