Monday, 3 December 2007


A big fat zero for the month of November. Due to the impending wedding, all miniature painting and construction has stopped. Like an army camped in winter quarters, there will not be much activity until January, when the ammunition will be broken out, uniform dusted down, and the flag will be unfurled once more (in truth thats the time i return from my honeymoon in the Caribbean and the bonus of xmas).

1870 Bavarian Artillery

Here's the Bavarian artillery minis i've been carping on about for ages. I am really happy with the results, particularly with the NMM on helmets and stuff. I only have 5 more guns and crews to complete! I also want to mention i've started using Daler Rowney acrylic soluble varnish over my Humbrol Gloss varnish, and the results are great. It doesn't smell like sweet death like my Testors stuff and its a pretty flat matt. No white out to report either. It can also be removed with some mild thinners.