Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Austrian Napoleonic Hungarian Line Infantry

Almost time for the Figometer to rear its fat round head. I have lots of minis in progress, but alas, only one, yes one completed this month. Lots of weekends away and several BBQs to deal with. Been working on the Dutch Napoleonics and will try and get some pics posted up.

I did, however, have time to put this chap together to add to the Uniforms and Equipment, a bit of eye candy to be going on with.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The problem with drummers

Following on from yesterdays entry, another thing worth mentioning - 3: Under no circumstances attempt painting the 'swallows nests' on Perrys Nap Dutch Militia ;-) Amazingly miniscule sculpting detail, I made a painful pass at them last night, my poor eyes... Not entirely happy with my results but we must press on.

With any luck, 3 more of these Dutch Militia could be finished very very soon. SD's forum is now back at full speed ahead too, and I can happily trawl once more.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Broken Arrow

Steve Deans forum is down. Into work this morning, all set to have a vote on the painting competition's latest round, and the fateful words Critical Error have splashed accross my screen. Hope it can be sorted out soon, cos I need my lead fix!

Managed an hour of painting at the weekend, and will be pushing on with the Napoleonic Dutch Militia tonight for a couple of hours, all being well. Hope to post some pics of these asap. Two other things worth mentioning. 1: I ate calamari for the first time on Friday (not as bad as I thought but will not be making a habit of it) and 2: I am living in fear of the Figometer...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Painting is down to a trickle at the moment, maybe its the humid weather, or maybe its because i've always got something on at the weekend at the moment. This guy was one of last months finished minis, was particularly pleased with his face. Got round to painting his base last night, along with some others. Am feeling a shift to working on the Napoleonic Dutch Belgian Militia battalion coming on. Painting too much white can warp the mind...

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Coat 1898-1808

The Austrian uniform of the period was unfussy, but elegant and smart, and for the most part, didn't change too dramatically throughout the whole period. One reason for its good quality uniforms was that Austria's economy was stronger than most of France's enemies (Prussia, for example, crippled by French terms after 1806, relied heavily on British subsidies). To have such uniformity in dress and quality is all the more remarkable when noting that Austria almost constantly put men in the field against Imperial France throughout the period. Regimental esperit de corps and pride in dress was emphasised. As Philip Haythornthwaite describes in his book (Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1), (Osprey Publishing)) "ranks from feldwebel upwards (were) urged to set an example, and never to appear in a uniform other than that prescribed by regulations".

Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Headgear (1)

I have decided to put together a not too ambitious uniform and equipment guide for the Austrian Napoleonic army. Due, I guess to the fact that that is what I am researching and painting at the moment, and also because I enjoy being fairly artistic and creative. Hopefully, It will be a useful reference guide for others, as well as myself. Anyway, here is the first instalment, a bit about the Line infantry headgear. I'll post up more stuff in an ad hoc way, when I get the time to draw it, write a bit about it and post it!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Lead Mountain Update (June)

Well, I had a late spurt of painting on Saturday and managed to finish June with a grand total of 3 minis completed. The weather was awful but had a 'painting session' with my friend Mr Wilson-nunn. Haven't done the 'buddy' painting thing since school days but it was good to spend a couple of hours painting, listening to musak and chatting in what is otherwise often a solitary activity. The fourth mini will now be added to July's target (I have started this one, honest!), so now for July, it's 5.

All June's minis were the good old Austrian Napoleonics, and I will have some pics up soon, and possibly a guide as to how I painted them.